Black and White. . .Food for Thought

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Black and White. . .Food for Thought

Simple but powerful. Artistic but realistic. So enchanting. So Colorful.

Do you enjoy the classic movies filmed in "black and white"?
What about horror movies with black blood instead of red?
"Casablanca" is one of my favorite movies filmed in "black and white".
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made some great movies in black and white.  Read about them and their great love affair in my latest blog:  "Bold Divas of the 1930's and 1940's" You can find it at my blog (just enter title in search at top)



Photo below is Bette Davis in Black and White!



It has been said that by avoiding the superficial attraction of color you achieve what both you and the audience want which is greater attention to form.
Black and White is my inspiration, my muse! 
As an artist and a jewelry designer, when I create with "black and white" it is truly a discipline of not wandering off toward color. It is more difficult and more exciting!  I love these creations more than any of the colored ones when they are finished!
Ebony and ivory, yin and yang, night and day...Opposites? ...or Compliments?
The game of chess would not be the same without black and white. The piano would be strange without black and white keys.
The black tie event or the white tie event? The decisive Ace of Spades?
Many designers, movie directors, artists, songwriters, and jewelry designers have been lured by the mystery of black and white.  It is so Colorful!
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The above photo is an example of "black and white" design on the runway.
An example of fashion design in Black and White...It is so Colorful.
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