About Us

Earth Ocean Fire Jewelry Story

The saying "Two heads are better than one" works great for our mother, daughter jewelry team. We have totally different view points that meld together for great jewelry design and gives us a great "critical eye" for the finished pieces.
We get our inspirations from many different places. For example, this past year photos of interesting places caught my eye. I love Irish themes and the magic of Ireland so I decided we should have an Irish seaside necklace to go in our Irish Collection. We got the colors together and I asked Shawna to put it together for us. She came up with the basic beading design combining the colors we liked; then something was missing so I helped her tweak it and add a few more elements to the necklace. This is the way we work best is using both our
input for color and design. My favorite pieces are the ones we do this way together focusing on using as much texture as possible and colors that blend or compliment each other.
Our jewelry business started in the desert. We came to the desert from Austin, Texas and feel in love with the beautiful architecture and scenery of Arizona. Photos of every corner we went gave us much to work with as we tried to capture the scenery with oil pastels, water color, colored pencils, clay and whatever we could get a hold of. This art journey was an amazing experience that our jewelry business was born from. Many of our necklaces reflect that Southwest look where the original inspirations came from.
Our workspace is a functional, whimsical Dr. Who themed space. Jewelry is very detailed and sometimes can get very serious so we put together a colorful workspace to keep us inspired and lightened up! The grid walls are perfect for holding thousands of strands of beads all the way to the floor and the blue themed lamp is great lighting with the small ones to give additional light. The plastic containers on the grid wall shelf hold gemstone strands and on the table are colorful wooden boxes for supplies. The best thing about this space is. . . it is all changeable! We can rearrange the grid walls and tables as we get tired of it or our needs change.
Our goal is to design jewelry for men that allows them to express themselves in an artsy, unique way while being fashionable and manly at the same time. Making a way for men to enjoy fashion just like women have done forever incorporating it into their everyday lives.