Transition With Layering

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Transition With Layering

Transition With Layering

. . .into fall. Our changeable weather can be dealt with if you wear layers. In Las Vegas, tourists as well as locals depend on layering to stay comfortable and stylish.

From the Madewell collection this outfit  plays with proportions in the art of layering.

Bomber jackets from the 80's and 90's embellished are a big trend. Great for laying!

An overcoat over a knit dress layering.

Mustard is a popular color this year. Here is a mustard overcoat!

Wide brimmed hat with stylish layering. 

British layering with popular trend of logo shirt as well as vinyl jacket for layering! hot! hot! hot!

SHOES. . .let us not forget that ugly shoes are in style.

Open back loafers are trendy. As well as the Birkenstocks below. Priced at $800.00!

Just in case you are not into the ugly shoe trend, you still have the leather boots staple or heels with socks trending now.

Be on the lookout for plaids. Ralph Lauren is into plaids in red design! Plaids are trending!


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